Saturday, 29 July 2017

One good deed deserves another

"Be back late tonight"
Said Jim as he left the bed
"Grunt" was all she said

Jill was still tucked in 
Sleeping, dreaming, that was all
He thought in the hall

But she knew his game
So phoned his best friend Peter
"Yes" He would meet her

Put a smile on her face
To pluck the fruit that was ripe
And fix leaking pipe

Sally office girl
Jim dallied with her a while
To see her winsome smile

They had eyed before
So good time was had by all
Calm before the fall

Before wife's goodbye
Hubby gets home all washed up
Pete's tools all packed up

Smiling, drinking tea
Pete gets up to greet his friend
Jim went round the bend

Jill's face innocent
Moans at doing all the work
While he's time to shirk

Turns her back that night
But what really makes him ill
He too has had his fill

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  1. You capture the scene so well here.. I almost felt like I was there! Beautifully executed.

  2. Yikes--very well told story of affair and lies gone sour. The quick rhymes make it seem more archetypal and work very well. Thanks much for the poem. k.

  3. Oh, wow... the tension! You leave me wanting to know more.

  4. Yes indeed. And he has had his fill as well. It seems all are to blame and none are to blame in this tale.

  5. Life continued on
    Sally and Jim, Pete and Hill
    Erred once but no more

  6. Oh yikes, a mess of illusion and disillusion. Well done.

  7. The sink isn't always shinier in another kitchen. Great write!

  8. Argh, one bad choice after another.


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  10. There's never just one side to the story, is there.