Saturday, 22 July 2017

The house by the river

Laurel was her name
Lived in the tumbledown house 
Down by the river

Don't know why I smiled
That day in the marketplace
Her deep dark eyes spoke

Of a loneliness
A pause before she smiled back
And that was the start

We talked for a while 
Then argued about a date
But was invited home

Her son lived with her
Saw his father at weekends
That's when she saw me

She was generous
But as poor as church mouse
I made her happy

And then she told me
They fought over custody
As I kissed her neck

Away interstate
I didn't see her for weeks
Then found she had gone

Her house deserted
The walls creaked but made no sense
But had a sad look

I sat out the back
The river told me nothing
But it never does

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  1. Sad and beautiful - I found myself humming a tune as I read. I love tumbledown houses - they are metaphorical in any number of ways - especially by rivers, lakes and seas.
    I love the way the relationship started with m=smiles in the marketplace. My favourite lines:
    'Her house deserted
    The walls creaked but made no sense
    The river told me nothing
    But it never does'.

  2. Her house deserted
    The walls creaked but made no sense

    So much emotion has been attached to the building. Great work!

  3. I, too, love the poignancy of this and the walls making no sense.

  4. I love the river telling you nothing...suddenly gone. I knew someone like that once. It broke my heart for awhile. But the river by the house where he lived was silent.

  5. And now you dream of what might or could have been. I've a couple like that as well. Ladies are hard to find after a name change or two. One invited me to join Mensa with her. I wish now I had joined, but of course not the 'with her' part.

  6. Clever the way you remained in your (romance/relationship)niche with this on

    here's mine

    much love...

  7. The house is the woman. I really liked this

  8. I feel this...We become an empty house at times. Life moves out and we struggle with letting it move back in. Beautiful writing..

  9. Oh the universal wishes--though some think this is what they have! I am in a public place and couldn't stop myself from calling out and weeping for this narrator. I would forget over an over again and relive it over and over. What a powerhouse of a poem. WOW!