Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Watching the news

Many tears are shed as
once again an avoidable
catastrophe takes place

What comfort is there
when a leader of a nation
cannot hug the bereaved?

Just who didn't care
the burning tower was built 
at the cheapest cost?

How many beds were empty
homeless had nowhere to go
because no one cared?

Who will be first to say
this must never happen again
when we know it will?

Image found at www.carbonbrief.org


  1. How does a nation draw its lines, without and within, and as the margins increase between have and have-not, what is its responsibility to that gap? A certain measure of its own people's terror cannot be blamed elsewhere. And yes, it always comes round again.

  2. There is not so significant a difference between first and third world nations when it comes to attitudes towards the indigent. Such an irony that the poor of the third world are flocking to the first world countries in hopes of a better deal.

  3. Cost cutting is the imperative and catchcry of our materialistic world. And of course it is better to experiment with cheap products on the poor.

  4. There is a cynicism in the aftermath that is unbearable... alas this will happen again and again.

  5. Sadly, we're living in a sceptical time. An era of just, lip service.

  6. There is too much bloodshed and innocent lives lost these days :( sigh.. when will this stop?

  7. The signs are there that this will disappear into a long laboured enquiry with no real powers. It's almost yesterdays news already.

  8. This is so deep. (frighteningly, you may be right)

  9. Oh yes...so much negativity around...!

  10. I felt devastated, how could we have let this happen. The blood stain is on all our hands... perhaps we didn't care enough to act....

  11. All pretty awful and frankly described by your poem. K.