Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Before I die

Before I die please let me find
A place to live where all are kind
Somewhere safe my kids can live
Return to others what I can give

I don't mind if it's hot or cold
But must be where I can grow old
To see my children all grow up
Where water jug is filled right up

Then if my kids could read and write
Without guns and bombs that's alright
To see them smile just once a day
Not see their faces filled with dismay

Why is there all this hurt today?
I want my kids to laugh and play
To learn there is a better course
Grow up, work and live without force

I awake from this foolish dream
For none of this is what it seems
My heart breaks for I am so weak
I recall they all drowned last week

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  1. Amen Powerful words It is unimaginable what some people go through All what parents ever want is to give their children a safe place We all would like to find one and therefore we all should open up our borders and give them a chance.

  2. Oh...The last line reminds me of baby Aylan Kurdi. These days sanctuaries are dream only. Sigh.

  3. Wow, speaks timely, Robin.

  4. Oh, so sad an impact those closing lines have. Refugees in search of a safe place - so many millions on the move suffering unimaginably............all because of manmade wars that accomplish nothing but misery. A powerful poem, Robin.

  5. Wonderful thoughts and a delight to read. Well done.

  6. Oh yes, I feel the same...I really wish to find the place where all are kind. No guns, no bombs, no hurt!

  7. We look in hope to find.(and sometimes this) Well expressed.

  8. Oh the universal wishes--though some think this is what they have! I am in a public place and couldn't stop myself from calling out and weeping for this narrator. I would forget over an over again and relive it over and over. What a powerhouse of a poem. WOW!

  9. You have written a moving poem about the terrible plight of refugees.

  10. A powerful and sobering write. Well done.

  11. A powerful well penned piece of poetry, quite moving.

  12. oh me...if only the world could hear it...sigh!

  13. I awake from this foolish dream
    For none of this is what it seems

    So much to look forward to but too many man-made obstacles in the way!


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