Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A great big wheel

Independence is how you feel
Free to do exactly what you think
Or be shackled to another's wheel

How glad we are to cast our votes
Until we see who'll speak for us
Find that we've chosen sheep or goat

Independence is a sham you know
Regulations are piled so high
You're not free to choose which way to go

You're just a cog in a great big wheel
Turning whether you want or no
Just play along it's no big deal

What feedom you have don't let it show
And take care when you laugh or smile
They'll tax that too before you know

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  1. True words indeed, very well written too. The last two lines made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow. And yet, people have died for the right to vote, and it's a constant target of repression. Death and taxes, my Dad used to say, are for sure, all else isn't. I find that last stanza sums up a truth we're afraid to say aloud.

  3. "Find that we've chosen sheep or goat" Exactly and then suffer at its hand / feet. Ugh.

  4. Can relate to this so much thanks to the new tax regime imposed in India right now!
    Loved the cog imagery.

  5. Scary isn't it, this word "Independence"! Brilliant response to the prompt.

  6. I often feel this way. Thanks!

  7. Sheep or goat indeed. This time around, the comparison does disservice to the goat, LOL. The system indeed is impersonal and brutal.

  8. Disservice to the goat indeed. I love the rhyming cadence of these very succinct thoughts.

  9. You are right, Robin. I have come to learn this. Independence definitely is a sham. We are each a cog in the wheel, but mostly we are powerless...I never realized this until t became president.

  10. true but as long as taxes support things that are important and are equal to how much money you have I guess we can cope.

  11. Great one! I agree with that. It is all an illusion.

  12. And to top it all off, we made it so

  13. I love the last stanza. :)

  14. apt for the present time! I read it many times...!

  15. no kidding. I love the image of the wheel it moves whether we will it to or not.