Thursday, July 6, 2017

The crickets chirped on

The crickets still chirped on
Dusk drew curtain of the day
I touched your warm fingers                          
You grunted satisfaction

The moon now showed her face
Grinning at us cuddled there
Making your eyes shine bright
Our bare limbs now interlaced

Hearts now beating in accord
I recall this from years ago
As a night bird flew overhead
A new world we now explored

But this was not a fling
Our lifetime voyage sailed
And crickets chirping now
Just makes me want to sing 

Image found at www.pixabay


  1. I just love this, for some reason:

    "touched your warm fingers
    You grunted satisfaction"


  2. Oh the last stanza so speaks of a happy relationship...makes you want to sing. Me too.

  3. I love how the song of the crickets takes you back in memory to those moonlit nights.

  4. Love when a fling comes together in something lasting.

  5. 'Lifetime voyage sailed...'
    This one is nice. Lovely composition!

  6. Love, love, love the last stanza

  7. How lovely that the sounds of summer tap into precious memory.

  8. I love how the moment become a lifetime motif.