Thursday, 27 July 2017

First Time

The first time I saw you it was across the street
I never once thought that one day we would meet
As I watched you flick your blown hair from you face
Next was in the library at the same bookcase

I smiled, you then said, "The man across the street!"
I am sure I blushed for how my heart did beat
"Sorry my eyes thought they should admire the scene"
She said, "That's OK you were on my radar screen"

In those days first date usually meant the flicks
So I gave her the chance to make the first picks
But rather than choosing a girly movie
She picked a French action film which was groovy

We married then of course which seemed only fair
There was so much more to like than her blowing hair
And when people aske us on how we did meet
We both laugh and say "We met across the street"

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  1. Delightful story of that first that lasted it seems.Thanks for dropping in at Toads.

  2. An enjoyable anecdotal poem, with dialogue. I don't see many of them so this one is a treat. I love the meeting in the library and the choice of French action film for the first date. :)

  3. A romantic romp once again Old Egg

  4. I LOVE this story! I love that meeting across the street!

  5. Ever the romantic.. Robin ❤️

  6. A sweet tale very nicely told - I like the jaunty rhythm.

  7. What a wonderful story of an ongoing love. Very sweet and in the best way.

  8. This was a truly delightful poem. Love how it begins and ends, as if to say (from there) here we are.

  9. Nice meeting, Luv it's blissoming

    Much love...

  10. And when people asked us on how we did meet
    We both laugh and say "We met across the street

    A fruitful and romantic encounter!



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