Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I sensed a movement

I sensed a movement in the bed
The time had come few words were said
I phoned the midwife as arranged
She quizzed me on what things had changed

T'was her day off but she still came
To be with mothers was her claim
She knew her job, she was a boon
Lucky us, bub would be there soon

I was put to all sorts of work
To keep me from going berserk
As push and shove went on and on
Do this, hold that, the time soon gone

With an arm wrapped around my wife
A little cry signalled new life
Baby came with tears all round
Midwife more jobs for me then found

Take this, do that and lots more
My heart was beating now full score
At last I was allowed back in 
Weeping tears at her weighing in

That was so many years ago
Three kids have their own babes now
I still recall this midwife's aid 
When this new dad made the grade

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Yes, this is a true story of my job as a husband, father and midwife's aide at home back in 1962


  1. Beautiful recollection Robin.. and so gently narrated!

  2. Wonderful walk down memory lane, really vivid and delightful read. Greetings to you!

  3. How nice to be rekindled to those magical moments of seeing one's own for the first time. A great many can relate to this. Great choice of a birthing episode to use the prompt 'movement' to illustrate, Robin!


  4. A moving recount of a happy time. Well said.

  5. I totally enjoyed this! First evoking the mood of the new father and second the repetition of "Do this, hold that, the time soon gone" as a recipe for endurance.

  6. A beautiful movement towards new life!

  7. What a wonderful husband and father you were and are, Robin. This is a lovely story.

  8. Thank you for taking me back with you

  9. The movement with all its pain, anxiety, warmth and love is the best of its kind. Love the tenderness of the poet's voice here. Thank you for this Beauty, Robin :)

  10. A touching poem about a beautiful moment

  11. This is beautiful life.....loved this!

  12. Nicely done. I was present at all 3 of my kids arrivals. Always a moment of magic.

  13. What a wonderful memory, Robin! And....ha...isn't it amazing how fast time passes. Now these kids have their own kids!