Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Always on my mind

She is always on my mind
For she was a part of me
I would be dishonoured
If I were to think of her 
Just one day of the year

It's not the photographs
That box of mementoes
Or the hospital tag
No, it more than that
It's the tea pot she bought

It is laughing in the rain
It is kissing her nose
A walk in the forest
Bathing in the nude 
On a deserted beach

She did say to me once
"You will marry again"
But I won't, why should I?
She is still with me now
Knitting needles clicking

I put the kettle on
I know she in not here
The coffee just for me
It's still the same brand though
After all these long years

Image of my wife's favorite place "Frensham Little Pond" found at


  1. Oh Robin, this brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful, beautiful tribute!❤️

  2. The last line is very poignant Robin. I can actually hear the sighs of the kettle

  3. I inhale your poem. It is so sweet, painful, joyful and true.

  4. You do it each time Robin, and so easily.. so much sweetness and love.

  5. "The coffee just for me
    It's still the same brand though
    After all these long years"

    Just the sweetest of lines in this sad repast, Robin

    much love...

  6. This is incredibly sweet. Yes, she is with you always. I, too, can hear the kettle. A poem of pure love, and the sweetness of remembering - joy.

  7. Sad and poignantly remembered but still remembered through little episodes shared together before


  8. I think this is now my favorite of yours. The grief is so pure. It's a perfect remnant of your love.

  9. Beautiful, but haunting. Such a loss.

  10. the loss is so haunting but a lovely tribute to her

  11. sweet, romantic, beautiful and deeply moving...

  12. Very moving I tearing now A beautiful ode to love

  13. Someone somewhere beyond the veil is appreciating this tribute, with a tear in her eye...

  14. What a wonderful, wistful, immensely loving remembrance in this poem, Robin! No flowers at a graveside match the emotions expressed in this!