Wednesday, 9 November 2016

He saw her

He saw her down there
Bathing in the mountain stream
From his hilltop hide

Halting now and then
Vulnerable she was watchful
Alert looking around

He slowly climbed down
Crouching in the bushes
Closer to the girl

The birds still twittered
Sun shone on her bare body
She sat down to dry

He'd almost reached her
Was but a few feet from her
When she turned her head

She was so alert
The gamy scent of his body
Now reached her nostrils

He could see the change
It was far fetched that she'd not
That's why he loved her

"Come on out" she called
"You cannot trick me young man
Now help dry me off"

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  1. ha ha not what I expected at the end

  2. By a long shot but still! There certainly are good days!