Friday, 4 November 2016

The park ranger

A park ranger was he
In a forest sanctuary
Loving the stillness in the trees
Eyes closed facing the autumn breeze

He loved working all day
Favorite month that of May
The babbling brook the sweet birdsong
The trees soft whisper all day long

He never would have thought
When this first new job he sought
Still now after all these years
Joy in his work brought him to tears

Oft sitting by the stream
Was obsessed as in a dream
That fairy folk did play just there
Quite safe with him without a care

They'd splash and dance and fly
Teased the fish as they swam by
Safe they felt around this kind bloke
But skittered off when he awoke

He worked for many years
The birds flew close with no fears
Snakes they knew were safe with him
Fish came close, away did not swim

One day though a hush fell
The whole forest heard the bell
Tolling, telling the wild ones too
Sadly the ranger's days were through

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  1. I too would be obsessed with such a fairy tale-heavenly beautiful to read...

  2. Whistles!!❤️💖 Gosh this is absolutely incredible writing, Robin! I could picture each and every little vibrant detail! Especially love; "They'd splash and dance and fly. Teased the fish as they swam by, safe they felt around this kind bloke but skittered off when he awoke" sigh such a magical vibe runs through your verse. Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤️💖

    Lots of love,

  3. Such a beautiful story *_* why does it have to end? :( I loved the rhyme scheme too!

  4. What a wonderful idyllic image.. to be so close to beasts and birch... I would like to have a job like that.

  5. Such a lovely write! The narrative is amazing and image vivid. I wouldn't mind that kind of job too.

  6. This feels like truly being part of the world - rather than a rancher and observer.. beautiful world Old Egg

  7. This comes to a sad conclusion, but it sounds as if the ranger had lived a peaceful life amidst all living things of the forest.

  8. The ranger guardian of the forest, until he fell in the silence. I wonder can you hear a tree fall?

  9. I love the stanzas about the fairies. :)

  10. You know how to weave a tale to tug at the heart-strings.

  11. I have always thought what a wonderful job that must be. The forest and its creatures will miss him, now he is gone.

  12. This is so lovely and idyllic. You have woven together, the exquisite dream-like threads of this story so beautifully and with such clarity that you've created a wonderful poetic tapestry ... magical ... I can see it perfectly, in my minds eye.

  13. I like this story and the style in which you wrote it.

  14. this is such a delight to read, the rhyme and the tale.
    sadly it ended but he will be among friends, and in a place he loved...

  15. When a soul that seemed to be the center of everything around him dies, the whole world sits in silence... I bet even the fish missed him...

  16. A fitting end for the ranger would be if he died in the forest. Did he?

    1. Sorry Magical, the fairies never told me.

  17. Somehow i didnt feel sad at his passing, more so, i felt joy and fulfillment.
    Really nice poem

    much love...

  18. An occupation well deserving of celebration.

  19. A lovely, lyrical poem. I loved the fairies and how all the critters were unafraid. Living in the woods myself, I would love to become one such as he. Enjoyed this so much :-)