Saturday, 19 November 2016

The moral tale

Lies slipped so easy off his tongue
So later on how they had stung
Such was the pattern of his deceit
T'was the way since they first did meet

Fed her tales with no shred of truth
She found his temper quite uncouth
His self righteous smile now a snarl
At evidence of a 'femme fatale'

Her happy life had now unfurled
"End it" said her friend she had called
She told him he was just a jerk
Being together would not work

As holder of the apartment's lease
Demanded that he return his keys
That she dropped him upset the bloke
To make it worse he was flat broke

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  1. Revenge is the return of a shiny set of keys (sometimes)..

  2. Sweet is the tale....there is a certain satisfaction here.

  3. Falling out is that easy but saying goodbye tugs at the emotions.


  4. Talk is cheap but truth is in the doing ... someone said.