Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The broken window

The family all sat in the Lounge after their evening meal to watch TV.

"There's not much on tonight" Dad said as he settled in his armchair flicking through the programs.

"Well kids, shall we watch TV or do you want to play a board game?" asked Ma.

Johnny shook his head, "I've got homework to do, I'll be in my room", so sister Sue poked her tongue out at him as he slunk off to his room.

"It's a bit cold in here tonight love, perhaps we need the heater on, look how the curtains are blowing in the draft" Dad said to Ma.

"Perhaps the windows are still open, I'll just check...Johnny!, Johnny come back down here at once, you've been playing ball in the garden again, haven't you? 

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  1. Ah, Johnny, you have to pay for it sooner or later! Nice story!

  2. lol... (a sign of successfully executed twist, took me a second, then I smiled, here on the other side of the world)

  3. The perils of youth... often with consequences one may attempt to avoid while in fact just prolonging the agony. Great story! :-)

  4. It started out so innocently! Bound to be discovered in any case!


  5. Poor Johnny, just trying to be a good kid and do his homework! ;-)

  6. A day in the life of family dynamics. Good story!

  7. Typical reaction from a child that knows he's in trouble and avoiding the consequences as long as possible, yet, being miserable the whole time! Great story.

  8. Oops! No wonder he wanted to go to his room! Great story.