Saturday, 26 November 2016

At the Drive-In

Remember Drive ins?
All gone but one in our state
But don't go there now

Remember the rain
Wipers washing the windscreen
Just to glimpse the film

Open the window
To stop fogging up inside
With kids in the back

They wouldn't keep still
Then they'd sleep through the good bits
Though babe was awake

What a mess they made
Sticky seats and door handles
The whole pot-pouri

Queuing to exit
Car horns venting frustration
Rain still spraying down

Adding to the fun
They all woke up when we got home
Law of averages

Next day I told them
I'm getting a tray top
Kids at back next time

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  1. I love those cars - no drive in's here but you caught the moment wonderfully

  2. A wonderful description of something I've never seen!

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  3. Nice memories . Good job.
    But I missed the meaning of the last stanza

    "... I'm getting a tray top
    Kids at back next time."


    1. The kids were too messy to be inside the vehicle