Wednesday, 30 November 2016

All I want

That invisible ladder which we climb
Which separates us from the world sublime
Have I come from way out of town?
For you see me and now you do frown

Is it my color or perhaps my speech?
Are you afraid I'll suck like a leech?
Do I say my words with country slur
Such behaviour you do not concur

Or was all of this land ours before
Until you stole it with blood and gore
So you fear the day that we'll return
And then in fiery hell you will burn

Perhaps I came from a distant land
At first thankful for a helping hand
But finding that I was outcast still
And now am blamed for every ill

Is it my sexual preference you hate?
As I prefer a quite different mate
I didn't ask you to change one bit
But now you say that I just don't fit

All I want is chance now to thrive
And was happy when I did arrive
Now my family is filled with dread
As you would like us to be gone or dead

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  1. Oh this is well expressed. How terrifying it must be for those who came thinking the new country would be a safe place and now find themselves in danger yet again. Sigh. You have captured well the varied situations of being stigmatized.

  2. this is very well put. It's so sad that people can't be more accepting and always feel its us or them.There is no them just the human race

  3. Yes, yes! A chance to live and let live! You cover a lot of territory and that illustration is perfect. I like the shifting first person.

  4. Well said Robin... what can be done about such closed minds? It is terrifying the way those attitudes seem to be rising again.

  5. each stanza could be a separate poem..the theme well explored...

  6. I'm seeing way too much of that around me these days. What ever happened to peace love and understanding?

  7. Beautiful! I can feel the emotions in this❤️

  8. Wonderfully composed in all senses Old Egg.. i like perspectives you shed.. everyone is important to someone but the world seems to forget that all too easily

  9. You have completely captured the feelings of those who feel cast out. Wonderful poem, Robin.

  10. Ha, Robin, are you sure you don't live in the USA! I think many who live here could feel your poem deeply. Chilling...filled with truth.

  11. Yet another amazing piece, Robin! "Chilling" Mary said! And we know who these people are likely to be....but, people should never underestimate the power of thoughtful, educated citizens. Timely!!

  12. Yes, it's anyone different, it seems. And yet, as my Dad used to say, 'It'd be a dull old world if we were all the same.'

  13. Yes...difference is perceived as a threat and never accepted. In the natural world they are pushed out of the herd to survive on their own.It seems the existing law of the jungle is only covered by a thin veneer of civilisation.

  14. Yes, of course it's the black sheep that is chosen to be the scapegoat for the flock (am I mixinf my metaphors here? You know what I mean :-).
    Powerful poem, Robin!