Saturday, 12 November 2016


The incongruity
Of the blue shapes was taunting
Her eyes filled with wonder
Just where was she this time?
He'd called it "Carnival"
Streaks, daubs, smudges now gone
From the last time she looked
Now were distorted shapes
Headless snakes, bent guitar
Strange creatures, billiard cues
Then she laughed outright
Seeing the mermaid's tail
All that was left of her
Perhaps that's an omen
A kangaroo close by
Down under the table
Once he'd painted her body
Decorated lover
Just how long would it be 
Before he turned his back 
And would find another?
Living with her instead
Transforming her as well

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Please note this poem is fictional as has no relationship to the artist Joan Miro's actual life or work "Carnival"


  1. What a beautifully refined poem Old Egg - i love the sense of decorated lover seeping through each line and word

  2. Hopefully it will be a Forth Bridge situation!

  3. A very interesting poem! Gives one pause to wonder?

  4. Very clever and creative use of the words. Enigamtic poem.