Saturday, 26 November 2016

I'm the traveller

I'm the traveller
Searching for the least worn path
To refresh my soul

Seeking the answer
But not knowing the question
In the clear blue sky

I walk the seashore
A mermaid swims away
But the seagulls stay

You have gone missing
There is a map in my heart
But can't find my way

Another dark night
The dawn comes up anyway
And pays me no mind

The end is in sight
I do not want to arrive 
Unless you are there

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  1. Tender beautiful! You convey the sentiments of our life stage so perfectly, and I think as we get older the more I find joy and sadness to be closely intertwined. I am most certain a joyful reunion awaits you.

  2. I agree with Josie - a lovely, tender piece.

  3. It does feel like life swallows the question.. but what counts perhaps is that there will be an answer and our soul mates will be there when our travels are done and we can rest - though hoping that will be some time off yet Old Egg