Friday, 4 November 2016

Bad advice

The ancient shaman rubbed his chin thoughtfully showing no expression on his face be seen for once again the ruler had demanded to know what the gods wanted him to do.

He knew in his heart that he should say "Talk" to the pale men who had come to their land in mighty boats carrying hundreds of men brandishing wondrous weapons.

His predecessor had said talk many years ago but the invaders from the north had betrayed their trust that time and had fought them.

Their own warriors had won that time so that bad advice had cost that man and his family their lives so he must decide for himself this time.

Just what could he say so that whatever the outcome with the strangers he himself would not be considered at fault?

It was then that the ground shook as an earthquake struck the land and the buildings stones fell in clouds of dust as people started screaming and running into the open, so the shaman said "See the gods speak as now it is entirely in their own hands".

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  1. The shaman had one of those thankless jobs, where no matter what you say if things go wrong it will be construed as your fault. Sometimes the best intentions go misunderstood. Great story, Old Egg, I like the way the issue was resolved!

  2. Between a rock and a hard place, as they say. But like Josie said, good resolution. Sometimes things really are out of our hands.

  3. Describing life along a fault line? Good story, Old Egg.