Saturday, 19 November 2016

Summer's rich crop

As autumn winds blow the leaves away
And winter's chill will come what may
Will spring's blossom gladden our hearts
With summer's rich crop filling carts?

Oh how the loss of my sweetheart sears
As season's darkness now hides my tears
Brightened now with swallows song so dear
Will that cute maid be my panacea?

Her rosy red cheeks smile back at mine
She will keep me warm in wintertime
What stunning bloom how she does shine
We'll have our first child at harvest time

Each line of each verse implies successive seasons as the narrator records and forecasts events. N.B. The word 'fatidic' is not found in my English and Australian dictionaries so I have so have inferred its meaning at 'prophetic'.

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  1. With summer's rich
    crop filling carts

    It is worth the while to wait for the whole year to see results. That is love!


  2. I love the flow of this - the light that shines inside..a real pastoral and English scene..and a good forwards dream to keep the winter blues away