Sunday, 27 November 2016

Weird day in church

The fans were whirling overhead
Everyone dabbing their brows
With white cotton handkerchiefs
Looking quite red in the face

Kids were all strangely quiet
This first hot summer Sunday
The priest started the liturgy
His winter cough now long gone

The summer's heat makes its mark
People now shielding their noses
As youth swings the censer round
To breathe again when it passed

Then I nearly laughed out loud
When the organist missed a stop
or valve he was fiddling with
Resulting in a flat note

Furtively his head tooked round 
Seeing a small child with scissors
Cutting a pew sheet unnoticed
It was a weird day in church

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  1. What a wonderful scene - surreal and delicious..and entirely real i am sure

  2. A pretty normal day in church, I would say!

  3. For some reason, WordPress comments here are now simply going into a loop.