Saturday, 5 November 2016

At the dog park

There is one place to go
You can always relax
It is at the dog park
And it's fully fenced in
Walking your best friend
It's just a total breeze
You let him off his leash
He runs off safe and free
Perfectly happy now
To exchange news and views
And smells of course with mates
Some dogs are shy at first
Happy to retrieve a ball
Or stick close to master
Watching the others play
Finally they make friends
Going about their task
By racing off at high speed
Breaking off between romps
Coming back tongue flapping
To make sure you're still there
He sinks down just watching
Composed for one moment
Until he sees something
That now needs sorting out
Off he goes task in hand
Then he returns dead beat
Time to go home for tea
Later he sleeps it off
Composed for a moment
Then feet twitching he dreams
Reliving his day out

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  1. Well done. "To exchange news and views" gave me a chuckle.

  2. A dog's life doesn't seem so bad after all :-)

  3. That place sounds like my worst nightmare! Dogs have a habit of tripping me up. Why they pick on me I don't know, but then again they are said to have a second sense!

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