Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The engagement

Venus bowed her head in shame
When Adonis asked me to name
The most beautiful woman in the world
I told him truthfully that it was you
So he nodded as he knew that was true

On that night I proposed to you
The moon seemed to be so blue
When she covered her face jealously
As you alone shone so shiny bright
And thousands of stars twinkled with delight

Nightingale sang sweet songs of love
A lone owl hooted from above
Then all was still as you answered "Yes"
Thunderous applause as the world now did sing
As on your finger I placed a gold ring

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  1. Robin, the way you write these beautiful love poems, it probably isn't hyperbole at all, but what you truly felt! Enjoyed this one!

  2. Such a beautiful golden picture you paint of that time when the whole earth did sing. How lovely.

  3. Nature and gods can be so in sympathy that it's like music with a great harmony!

  4. Had to look up Adonis, but blame that on my education and bad memory. Brings back a great memory.

  5. Aw, your poems always make me want to believe in love. Thanks Robin!

  6. There is nothing like romance to inspire beautiful hyperbole. Bravo!

  7. My goodness, I am literally swooning here!! Beautifully penned, Robin ❤️

  8. love the way you include myth, nature and sweet love...

  9. Oh, absolutely creative piece! Beautifully weaved....

  10. Thunderous applause as the world now did sing
    As on your finger I placed a gold ring

    How touching to be at centre stage at that great moment!


  11. Ah, Robin, you and I both incurable romantics! Nice one!