Friday, 25 November 2016

Being Sensible

You and your sister planned for the future
Get together after me and her husband 
Had kicked the bucket
Moved on so to speak

So it would be like your old teenage years
With no permanent men to worry about
Except one night flings
Just now and then say

It was a joke that you told the both of us
And I for one was pleased that you did so
That you'd thought it out
Being sensible

Little cottage by the sea was your plan
Except that you both died a year apart
Left us widowers
And grieving alone


  1. Nice write, the slap of sadness kicks in at the last verse

    much love...

    1. Yes, Gillena, there IS a slap of sadness, and Old Egg leaves us with that resounding smack.

  2. Oh Robin, this is so beautifully evocative❤️❤️I guess when we are younger we are more reckless and carefree in life, we think not about the consequences of our actions let alone the future. Especially touched by "Little cottage by the sea was your plan. Except that you both died a year apart. Left us widowers grieving alone" sigh.. life can be cruel at times. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤️❤️

    Lots of love,

  3. so strange is the way of God...sigh...

  4. A very practical little plan, but indeed life had other plans. Papa Bear and I talk of the same things and what we would do, but as much as I would like to spare him the agony of losing yet another wife, it is something we have no control over, and will have to take it as it comes. I like to think these two sisters are enjoying the hereafter together while waiting for the two of you to arrive.

  5. This is an affecting piece, Robin. Life has its own plans, whilst we have our own, and the two are not always sensible.

  6. Goodness, that is sad, though of course one can only be sensible and make plans and let life take its own course.

  7. Perhaps that cottage did come into being.. in the next place - i do hope so

  8. Very sad, Robin! One really cannot tell what the future will can THINK one has an idea, but often God has other things in mind.

  9. The idea of an old teenage-hood is a lovely thing. I'm enchanted by the idea. I was all smiles and warmth, with those thoughts in my mind, as I continued reading your poem... Then I got to the end and sighed... and hoped... wanting that the widowers followed their ladies' unused plans, and did something that made them happy.

  10. Heart-touching.
    The sisters left for their heavenly abode. Sad for their husbands.

  11. I love that dream of theirs. So sad, the two men left grieving. When I saw the photo, I so hoped it was yours....wouldnt that be lovely?

  12. We so often take it for granted that the men will on before... and it's never the same with the two widowers...

  13. This piece reads "real" and "sad". Well expressed.

  14. A twisted fate it seems, sad no matter who goes first as the other will be left behind to grieve.

  15. This really hits home, as my sister and I have made similar plans. So poignant and lovely. Thanks.

  16. Ah, those hopes and dreams ... and then life happens ... or death. The business of living is fickle and - for the most part - far beyond that, which we mere mortals can control. You've expressed that so well, in this piece.

  17. One can never tell what the future provides. One can plan but fate works its way in!


  18. Nicely told, as always – and how ironic! I remember my cousin used to weave fantasies that she and I would share a little cottage like that when old and widowed. I was not so keen on the idea, though I didn't say so; couldn't see myself happily sharing a house with her. Well, it never came about; she left her hubby a widower long before mine left me a widow. The best-laid plans and all that.

  19. That ending! I've learned that planning is fine and all, but life has a way of knocking down the most steady seeming and detailed of plans. I too hope for a path forward where the precious memories still shine through the pain of grief.

  20. Always good to have a plan. Then again, "if you want to make God laugh, make a plan." You never know.

  21. life is strange! this in a simple way speaks much...beautiful!!