Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I wonder

I wonder what it would like to be
Invisible so no one else could see
You'd dance on the beach or in the park
With all your clothes off just for a lark

Is that what it's like for those who've passed
That may check on you just for a blast
Who wander round in the dead of night
You hear a strange bump and wake in fright

Perhaps the blanket slips off the bed
As you dream of when you were first wed
Happy as you recall days before
Still wrapped in her arms for evermore

And would she whisper those loving words?
Once more you'd be caressing lovebirds
At morn you'd recall that dream of yore
And discover the duvet on the floor

There's some comfort even though she's gone
As still her memory lingers on
Her touch, her kiss, laughing once again
At least those dreams take away the pain

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  1. Remembrance is so sadly sweet. But yes, always near and never far, this I believe.

  2. starts so funnily and gets so intense. loved it </3

  3. this is so sad but beautifully written

  4. And in dreams they can become visible again!

  5. Oh those moments when one enjoys the invisible are priceless moments....and so very real!

  6. How wonderful to have visitations in dreams.

  7. I actually got chills reading this. But I don't thnk I would if I was there. I would go with it like the narrator of your poem. I would relish every single moment and the signs in the morning. Great wonderful poem.

  8. Your deep love always shines through your poems.

  9. Such a strong and enduring love.

    1. I like the thought of being invisible, especially as it speaks to freedom. And yes, dreams are filled with those who no longer can be seen.


  10. Love is all sweetness, how wonderfully it fills the heart with dreams and memories bringing the loved one so near...

  11. This is beautifully tender and emotive ❤️

  12. Beautiful words of love.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  13. Wow, very sweet and tender...bkm

  14. Sometimes only we ourselves can see something or someone that is invisible tot he rest of the world. That invisible/visible can be our hope and solace...