Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Who are now unseen

How long is it since I took that path
That still winds around the village green
Passing the Remembrance Day cairn
Naming those who are now unseen

These sons and soldiers have now long gone
Fathers, uncles, our memories fade
Fighting for a better life for us
They are far from us in heaven's shade

The drum beats loud and the bugles call
Mayors strut and prayers are read out loud
Birds are flying high above us now
And just what is that gleam in the cloud?

Some rain is forecast that seems so just
Tears are shed by all of us today
Why can't we stop waging senseless war?
Just who can this cruel killing allay?

Service over now let's celebrate
Promising to meet in future years
Laugh and drink to those times now long gone
While widows sit at home with their tears

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  1. Always good to remember "those who are now unseen."

  2. A lovely tribute to those who sacrificed and are quickly forgotten.

  3. Beautifully said--when will we stop waging war?

  4. Ah, our Veterans Day is coming as well. Your poem is an apt tribute to those who have served!

  5. Why can't we stop waging senseless war?... because it is fuelled by greed for profit and power...Sad reality.

  6. a beautiful tribute to who have gone...the closing line sends lump in the throat....

  7. Such a heart stirring tribute, Robin

  8. This is so so beautifully penned, Robin! Thoughts of deep gratitude for sacrifices made- Lovely!

  9. Long gone but not forgotten. And they did it all for us to have a better life. Well rhymed lines, Robin!


  10. Thank you for posting this honest and moving tribute.

  11. What a chilling last line to a memorable poem full of camradery as well as death! Brrr.

  12. Very moving powerful tribute Thanks