Thursday, 1 December 2016

Your touch at first

Your touch at first is rough as you throw me about until I submissive sit there sullen before you.

Then you slowly make me turn around in some endless dance as you push and knead me with your strong hands.

You wet me and as I sit there glistening you gently make me spin again touching me in your persuasive way shaping me to your will.

I bend and twirl with delight as you change me from being an inert lump of clay to become beautiful just by your touch with curves and shadows, texture and form and I have become a new being.

Now you place me in a fiery furnace but rather than be destroyed I have become firmer, stronger with such treatment but not satisfied with all this you start painting me with glaze and pretty patterns and I love that you treat me in this way.

I hear other voices say how beautiful I am and as I look at you I see you are in love with me too.

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  1. I love this!!! I hope to retire into pottery some day....

  2. Love this perspective!

  3. A beautiful metaphor for mutual love. One of your best.

  4. Lovely. Literal or otherwise. Nicely done :)

  5. A metaphor for relationship, no?

  6. Dude!*

    * compliment on both the 'texture' of this six and on it's power to evoke visual response.

  7. A wonderful metaphor outlining recollections of a pair of love-birds. Isn't it great!


  8. Wow, Old Egg! This was powerful and passionate with such precise language, I really like what you have done here!