Saturday, 31 January 2015

I'm in a state

I'm in a state, time is ticking by
Seconds, minutes, an hour even
The patron, host, manager whatever
Clearly is miffed I've not ordered
He could have seated better guests
A group to put a smile on his face
More than just my bottled water
I pour a minute measure more
Into the now warm, tall  glass
Honestly I thought she would come

The day hadn't started like this
Cloudy yes, but with bright patches
I had raced to get here on time
Even now she could rescue me
By coming through the door smiling
We could order a sumptuous spread
But now I rise to eat humble pie
Walk to the counter to pay up
Glancing at the door, but clearly
I'm in state...of freedom again

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  1. I like the positivity in the final line! There are caf├ęs in Paris which charge by the hour instead of for what you consume, so that friends can meet and chat, making one coffee last and last, or a loner can come and read in peace. So your wait would have cost you 14 euros for an hour!

  2. What a wonderful scene...there are hazards to going out...standing 'yourself' up for your TV dinner at 5 never there are pluses ..sigh

  3. I scene I've seen many a time in my landlord days!

  4. Oh....not good. I have said this before to you ....2 words
    fish and sea
    By the law of averages you have to catch one:)

  5. Aw, eating humble pie on his way out the door. But, indeed, there is freedom in her not showing up...perhaps he dodged a crazy one and has no idea how lucky he truly is over that piece of humble pie!!!

  6. I like the little twist at the end. Sometimes getting back our freedom isn't such a terrible alternative.

  7. I love the hopeful final lines. Made me smile, Robin.

  8. I loved the possibilities here...