Saturday, 31 January 2015

I'm in a state

I'm in a state, time is ticking by
Seconds, minutes, an hour even
The patron, host, manager whatever
Clearly is miffed I've not ordered
He could have seated better guests
A group to put a smile on his face
More than just my bottled water
I pour a minute measure more
Into the now warm, tall  glass
Honestly I thought she would come

The day hadn't started like this
Cloudy yes, but with bright patches
I had raced to get here on time
Even now she could rescue me
By coming through the door smiling
We could order a sumptuous spread
But now I rise to eat humble pie
Walk to the counter to pay up
Glancing at the door, but clearly
I'm in state...of freedom again

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  1. I like the positivity in the final line! There are cafés in Paris which charge by the hour instead of for what you consume, so that friends can meet and chat, making one coffee last and last, or a loner can come and read in peace. So your wait would have cost you 14 euros for an hour!

  2. What a wonderful scene...there are hazards to going out...standing 'yourself' up for your TV dinner at 5 never there are pluses ..sigh

  3. I scene I've seen many a time in my landlord days!

  4. Oh....not good. I have said this before to you ....2 words
    fish and sea
    By the law of averages you have to catch one:)

  5. Aw, eating humble pie on his way out the door. But, indeed, there is freedom in her not showing up...perhaps he dodged a crazy one and has no idea how lucky he truly is over that piece of humble pie!!!

  6. I like the little twist at the end. Sometimes getting back our freedom isn't such a terrible alternative.

  7. I love the hopeful final lines. Made me smile, Robin.

  8. I loved the possibilities here...