Saturday, 10 January 2015

Secret Kiss

Now if I had been
So inordinately drunk
As to touch your hair

Then you’d turn around
Look me in the eyes laughing
And would forgive me

Because you knew me
We often smiled at each other
And idly chatted

Your eyes told stories
And I loved to kiss your cheek
when you spoke my name

It was but a game
As we admitted nothing
Both with our problems

Until that one day
I stole, but you gave, that kiss
Completely sober

We two, now delighted
Have a very big problem
Our special secret

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  1. Oh my, this poem really stimulates the imagination.

  2. I promise not to tell! What a gorgeous poem.

  3. You always seem to create a fluid strand of poetry about compassion and romance. Sounds like there is a baby involved at the end though. I wonder..

  4. True love is never easy...maybe that secret will never be told...some are beset laid to rest