Saturday, 3 January 2015

Facing the plain truth

We are all alone
Just pale shadows of ourselves
That is my belief

I dread that bell's chime
On the day of nevermore
That holy call to prayer

Have you had your fill?
And ingested life’s full compass?
Our life’s finite joy

Laughing happily
Dedicated to sweet love
Care and tenderness

Before that sad arrival
Facing the plain truth that
Your signs, your stains gone

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  1. My goodness the bells tolled for this reader...time and life are like blown leaves too perhaps..shall will hold onto our shadows and stains for a while longer...a mighty poem fit for your return

  2. I would like to think that while my signs and time may leave, my stains will linger for a while.

  3. A good reminder. Nice, Robin.

  4. We are all alone is a potent opening line and so true. Great work, as always.

  5. Welcome back - we missed you! Yet again, such wise words

  6. This is why I always tell people to live their life the way they want to live it. We only get one shot at this, so make it count.

  7. Being remembered after we are gone is most likely overrated. Better to be appreciated while we can enjoy it.

  8. Ah so very lovely ... I enjoyed reading this poem very much .. your reminder is of our destiny is sweetly written.

  9. "the day of nevermore"

    What a fantastic phrase! Don't you just love it when those kinds of gems appear from your pen? Happy 2015!

    1. The secret is to have a good relationship with your muse; I flirt with mine constantly.

  10. Ah, someone else who finds the beginning of the New Year a time for reflection and contemplation. This is filled with wisdom garnered over time. I’m sorry for being so late to return your visit to my site. It’s been a rough few days.


  11. This is intriguing.