Wednesday, 7 January 2015

On Waking

You are in my dreams
I am in seventh heaven
For I breathe you in

I lay by your side
My fingers touch your soft skin
You turn and come close

Those old times return
As in passionate embrace
We kiss savagely

I melt into you
And capture every sigh
For my memory

Those electric dreams
Find me alone by morning
Now I’m cold inside

But were you not here
Are they your tears on the sheets
Or mine once again?

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  1. Love loss is something that can be hard to deal with, but poetry certainly is a great way to let out all the pain. Emotion is really important in writing poetry.

  2. Love can be a painful experience......

  3. Lost love does hurt.

    Thanks for coming by. The seventh layer was Dante's vision. I just compacted it.

  4. Love that final stanza which makes sense of the sweet and savage memory/dream/reality as "real" time continues to move forward. Achingly beautiful 7th heaven.

  5. Thank goodness there are dreams sometime to take one back to the 'seventh heaven' once known. Even though in the morning one is alone, one knows the dreams will return again.

  6. The joy of seventh heaven recaptured - the pain of awakening. But, my friend, that heaven was yours for many years.

  7. So sweet until the end. Then so poignant. Great as always.

  8. Those kinds of dreams are as much curse as blessing, I think.

  9. Oh, Robin, the ache of lost love. The tears on the pillow... and the sweet memory recaptured in the lucky dream. I am so touched by this. Very bittersweet and lovely. Amy

  10. Oh, the last part welled up my eyes. Beautiful poem. Touched...

  11. I love the intensity and passion of this.

  12. Loss of a loved on is a hard loss to bear. But our memories keep them alive. Loved the simplicity of the poem.

  13. nice memories !

  14. loss is so hard and you've captured it perfectly you can feel the aching pain

  15. If only dreams were real...the good ones anyway