Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fashion, a man's view

Men find it hard to see the fashion bent
That all women follow like a scent
To possess a surfeit of clothes to wear
When we would rather see them bare

I confess I do not always think this way
When skimpy beachwear is on display
When awful thoughts I begin to harbour
So I must bathe to dowse my ardour

I would rather spend my cash on booze
And outlay more time on sport or snooze
While rounds of shops we have to probe
Leaving me less space in our wardrobe

Can’t they wear a suit and tie like us?
This would surely stifle all the fuss
Then we could nod our heads in greeting
And bank accounts would be less fleeting

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  1. Hahaha! If I didn't know the fashion industry was built on what men wanted women to look like, your poem might convince me that this was more than one man's point of view. Very cool and honest poem.

  2. I love the humor in this.......especially the age-old closet dilemma.........even my closet always has too much in it that I never wear. I keep purging but one always thinks...."I MIGHT wear that sometime"!!

  3. Ha, perhaps suits and ties might be more economical. Definitely wouldn't need as many suits and ties as dresses. Smiles.

  4. I love the men's perspective, smiles ~ Certainly the barest of clothes would be enough but we women want to have fun & more fun ~ Enjoyed this one ~

  5. What a lovely lady in thinks I must go shopping!

  6. I think it has something to do with the fact that some men prefer to wear whatever gets them through the day. We can be simple on matters of apparel because we don't much care what others think of us by what we wear. Women on the other hand are always held up for inspection in the crowd of cultural scrutiny. I never understood why, but it just happens I suppose. Might have something to do with DNA perhaps?

  7. haha. count me in for the booze and snooze.

  8. But where would be the joy in that? All clothing is a form of costuming, and it's fun to stand in a full closet and ask, "Who do I want to be today?"

  9. You kidding? When's the last time you priced a suit? And if you really wanted to, you could follow male fashion, too.

  10. The last two lines made me laugh out loud. The BEST way to end this piece!

  11. Nice sense of humour there! :D Think wat wd happen if there was no fashion for women! Fashion for men is boring newez! :P

  12. I think a majority of women like to color themselves for fear of looking older, or aging, or whatever flaws they see. When, in fact, we're all beautiful people...old, young, big and small. :)

  13. A great way to express that common idea on men.

  14. Mao tse Tung did a nice line in grey unisex uniforms for the Chinese population...tsk too bad you missed out on the cultural revolution. :)

  15. I think you would understand my sense of fashion - it goes on beer too ;)