Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Office matters

How easily I am distracted
From whatever I do
By the flick of her hair
The ways that she walks
The glance from her eyes
And the waft of her perfume
That now fills the office air

My mind’s not on my work
Others seem untroubled by
This girl with such a frame
I think she really is the best
Who clearly just does not care
But I’m not in her sights at all
She doesn’t even know my name

I’ll ignore her, which is best
She’s not the one for me
How could I ever measure up
Then one day she’s at my desk
“I thought you didn't like me”
as she asks for help on a job
Replies "No you're genuine, silly pup"

I found she was quite modest
And was glad I had let her be
While all the others ogled her
Wisely my distance I had kept
Safely observing from afar
She's summed us up, so I think
Perhaps love is finally astir

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  1. I can't count how many times I've encountered someone like this. Know how they tell us not to stare, mainly because it makes you look like a creep, but sometimes I can't just help it. If someone is looking nice and vibrant, I'm gonna look.

  2. Especially if she didn't really intend to attract all that attention.

  3. The man who keeps things professional is far more likely to pique the interest of a pretty woman for whom fawners are a dime a dozen.

  4. Ah how a pretty face turns heads eh! Wise move to pretend that he's ignoring her, that way she may well become interested. ^_^

  5. Offices are a breeding ground - not always literally...spend that much time cooped up together and love is bound to arise

  6. a pretty girl turns heads whether they want it to happen or not. Some women are oblivious to the attentions of others.