Sunday, 4 January 2015

You start Monday

“You start on Monday”
The voice said a week later
It was the New Year

She was so nervous
Walking into the office
With the other staff

“I’ll get Mister Jones”
The receptionist then said
So she sat to wait

A tall man walked up
“Hello Jill, welcome aboard
Mine name is Matthew”

But then he added
“But everyone calls me Matt”
And then smiled at her

Talking all the time
Pointing out the departments
“Don’t worry you’ll learn”

“Here we are; your desk
I’ll go through the procedure
With you for this week”

As they sat she thought
“I’m going to like it here”
Looking in his eyes

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  1. I'm guessing this is someone you know! Good she has a wonderful first impression.

  2. I think it is really important to make a new employee feel comfortable in their new work environment. In a way I feel really jealous of this girl in this poem because I've never had such luck at getting a job. Literally have applied to places a billion times, but never received an interview. Probably the reason I have become a writer because then you are your own boss.

  3. When I was younger, I thought a pair of nice eyes dressed the workplace up a bit and made the day more interesting. Now I find it a hopeless distraction. Damn hormones,

  4. YOU are an old egg... your romance is well reminiscence of a def time gone by...with equality of gender expression.
    ...and you do express it (your age) well though

  5. A nicely told tale......wonderful when a new employee is welcomed so reassuringly.

  6. These are moments to remember.. That first day.. New hope, new friends.. A great new start,

  7. first day jitters!
    well, it could be love at first sight on her part too.

    Happy New Year, Robin

  8. Well writtn... happy new year

  9. Happy New Year ! Hope you and your family were not affected by the fires.
    I never had a job like this.

  10. Well office work is boring...we need something to make it more bearable!

  11. Must be nice to have good hopes of new employment. I have good hopes, not for employment but for this New Year. May yours be happy.

  12. Nice reception for the newbie, thanks for sharing with us, happy new year 2015

    Much love...