Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Where are we going?

He walked home alone
After they had kissed goodnight
Recalling her words

But they puzzled him
She’d said “Where are we going?”
He had no answer

As he trudged along
The cold wind whipped around him
Just what had she meant?

Was it a concert?
Perhaps a weekend away?
Then the penny dropped

His heart beat faster
Oh! She wants to be married!
It’s too soon surely?

When he got back home
“Just what do you think of Jill?”
He asked his mother

“Yes, she a good lass
Isn't she dating others?”
So he shook his head

She smiled, and then thought
“I always wanted a daughter
We get on well too”

Image found at www.womansday.com


  1. Ah, now that's the question in some long term relationships. This might be his warning! Great poem, OE

  2. I like the way it took him awhile to figure out what she meant. And the moment of realization was precious. The penny dropped. Loved it, Old Egg.

  3. Wonderful, Old Egg! This made me smile, love done the old-fashioned way! Apparently his girlfriend and his mother are eager and ready for the next step. I hope he is too!

  4. That's great! The logical step would be marriage.
    Nice when mom-in-law & daughter-in-law get on well. Wow! His Mom actually will treat her like her daughter! That's lovely :)

  5. An honest story. I wonder why we are so afraid to just say what we mean without all the hinting around and about. People are a puzzle...especially people in love.