Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Are you my mother?

When I was a child so very small
I didn’t know that much at all
I had my dad and my mother
Then of course I had big brother

Off we’d run down to the gully
Sadly for me he was a bully
I would rather pick some petals
Instead he pushed me in the nettles

Surely if me he so much hated  
He and I could not be related          
So off home I ran full of tears
And told my mother of my fears

“Are you my mother?” I said sadly
When my play had ended badly
“And adopted I have been truly
With a brother so cruel and unruly”

She could not stem my flowing tears
So she had to disprove all my fears
Found a newspaper cutting of my birth
And cuddled me for all I was worth  

This is a true story and even now I can imagine how much of a shock my mother felt when her five year old son told her this. However I can laugh at it as it was me!


  1. Love it! Told with compassion and humor. I love the forced rhyme! I had a similar fear ...

  2. Oh the betrayal and shock that a brother could be so mean. I am glad your mother was full of reassurance, love and cuddles and hope she spoke sternly to big brother when he got home!!!!!!

  3. Oh, thinking about early was important to child the fairness...and loving mother's heart!

  4. People in a family can indeed be so different that one wonders if the milk man played a role, lol!

  5. Sweet but sad. Sharing the same house with a bully is no fun !

  6. Well I hope your mother took your brother to task. Interesting how older siblings are either protective or mean.
    Glad you have the memory

  7. I am so glad you had the shows passes on after all

  8. Got to love that brotherly love. I'm the oldest in my family, and I never once treated my brother's like that. As they got older we fooled around a bit, but I was never unruly to them. I love my brothers, and I think that this took a lot of weight off from my mother's shoulders. Great story!

  9. nice personal piece... siblings can be so mean... moms are so healing