Saturday, 17 January 2015

Medicine men

Medicine is such a secret realm
Couched in terms not meant for you
Where doctors play with words and us
While all we can do is moan and cuss

To justify their hard earned wage
Higher beings they deign to be
They shake their heads and write a note
But when we’ve gone they laugh and gloat

You’ve been there an hour or more
They don’t want to talk, just write a script
For the pharmacists to translate
For you’ll find they are always late

If they cannot solve your ill
They will send you to those that will
Scans and tests and specialists
While your cash goes in the mists

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  1. A little ticked at the world of medicine today, OG? My son in law is an oral surgeon, but he really has lots of compassion for his patients. Have a great weekend!

  2. I really enjoy reading your poems because the end rhymes really help the flow when this is read out loud. I can sympathize with you about doctors though. I have a love hate relationship with them. Sometimes I need a doctor, for obvious reasons, but sometimes I can do without.

  3. I'm doctorphobic! I'm sure mine's a very nice chap or chapess, but I think I'll leave him or her in peace for the time being! I'll probably wake up with a boil on my bum tomorrow then I'll have to eat my words!

  4. I don't usually mind the visits so much. I learned a lot of the lingo in anatomy & physiology class during my pre-med days. But here in the US, the billing is simply outrageous. Even if they don't do anything but offer advice, you'll be billed according to the coding of your presenting issue, not according to actual work performed. Want to challenge it? Have fun seeing your credit rating trashed while the bill goes unpaid during the dispute. They've got us where they want us here in the States.

  5. Cash and dignity (and hope)...we have trodden this path too much I think!