Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Better to have fun in life

Oh, how I liked her
It was that look in her eyes
Joyful, frivolous

One to relax with
And whom one could joke and laugh 
Unrefined of course

But to marry her?
Yes, that was the big question
As I held her hand

I stroked her fingers
Better to have fun in life
Be amicable

I gave her a hug
And then kissed her pretty nose
Then heard a tapping

So then looked down
Yes, it was her ring finger
She could read minds too!

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  1. When feelings get invoked somehow things fall into place! What great events two young hearts can create! Wonderful write oldegg!


  2. haha she one upped you, wonderful write

  3. I wish that someone could read my mind once in a while. Then again I would be kind of scared to let someone into my mind completely. Guess that is one of the harder parts of getting to know and love someone over many years. Building trust is such a hard task to do.

  4. As gentle hints go that that pretty good!