Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Was that you?

On the road again
I’ve been in this town before
Many years ago

Sixties or seventies
I was so young in those days
Until I met you

You were beautiful
I was hungry for adventure
You just wanted me

And you were so strong
I was putty in your hands
Where have you gone now?

Country girls are best
So strong and reliable
How did I leave you?

Could you still be here?
Married and a grandmother
Thinking of me too?

The old town has changed
So have I for that matter
Was that you just then?

Image found at www.exploreaustralia.net.au


  1. Sweet nostalgic thoughts, Old Egg! We always wonder what if we would have taken a different path in our lives. Have you ever met up with or seen photos of people from your long ago past? It can be fun to see the ways you've changed, and if you still have friendship in common. I see photos of my classmates and sometimes think they look quite old, because I remember them as they were when I saw them last at 18! :-). I do find that most of us have mellowed into more peaceful, accepting versions of our younger selves. This was lovely, thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Josie, I have linked up with old school friends of 50 years ago (all female!) and even correspond or have a meal now and then with workmates of times long past. Only a few know that I write though!

  2. Oh, this made me remember past love and think about the what if's. Sort of a melancholy trip down memory lane.

  3. Sweet and a little sad at the same time. :-)

  4. I remember how shocked I was at my first reunion where I couldn't recognize everyone without a name tag. The years can change us a lot - both inside and out.

  5. Time changes everything except our memories. And inside we still feel young. Very nostalgic!

  6. That was so delightful, OE....as Val has mentioned above, we still feel young inside, despite how we might appear. What a lovely memory poem.

  7. I so know the nostalgia of Looking Back.......I even miss the orchards that filled the valley where I was a child, now miles of condominiums. . Sigh.

  8. what a wonderful read! i love how you give us a glimpse into the past, and then the the present as you reflect. sounds as if it was a lovely experience! also enjoyed the photo...made me thing of tiny little towns and the secrets the hold.

  9. I really like the nostalgia that is described in this poem. It reminded me of where I was brought up, but I've moved nearly one too many times. I also like the hint of romance that you put into this because it helps correlate the love for the town and for the people that you grew up with. Lovely oldegg.

  10. I really enjoy your poetry but this one is especially sweet. Im not even certain why but it hits a certain chord. I guess it must be the nostalgia thing.

  11. I enjoy this, I especially love how it ends, nice touch.