Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The boy on her mind

She sat by the phone
Jack always rang on Wednesday
When he worked away

It was unlike him
She tried to think what she’d said
As she felt choked up

Was he different
Last time they were together?
She felt hot and sick

Her face coloured up
Did he think she had flirted?
That time in the bar

Well he smiled at her
Of course she would smile back too
His name was Robert

"There’s plenty of fish"
She mused to herself, grinning
"I hate those that sulk"

She now felt better
"He can stay working up state
Leaving me behind"

Just then the phone rang
“I wonder if it is him”
She said with a laugh

Image found at www.yourtango.com


  1. anticipation and worry...both captured so well here with plain old human nature as well!

  2. That is so typical of someone waiting for a call to let their mind wander to strange things.

  3. So like a person to make judgment calls without really understanding that something is up. Obviously these two people weren't together very long because I certainly wouldn't deal with my girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever you prefer, was flirting with another person behind my back. I've been down this road before and it isn't a very nice feeling. I've also tried to work it out before letting it all go, but it never really works out in the end. Great story about the problems of life.

  4. "a girl and her phone"

    much love...

  5. Yes, waiting for that special someone to call and all the imaginings and jumping to conclusions that go with it. And then that old saying, "he's just not that into you."

  6. We do seem to look for problems...especially when young.

  7. So very true of life and relationships, how quickly doubts can creep in if we are unsure of each other and what we have... and then we might try to pretend that we don't care, but of course we do. Great writing, Old Egg!

  8. Oh.. the killing anticipation of waiting for someone !!

  9. Waiting adds so much weird experiences, hope the waiting period gets some diversion and wait is fruitful :)