Saturday, 24 January 2015

She smiles shyly

She does not see me
Yet I’m no stranger to her
That makes me so sad

There she goes again
She’s lost deep in her own thoughts
Perhaps she’s in love

I love to watch her
But never guess what she thinks
Singing her own song

Living her own life
Always dreaming her own dreams
What beauty she has

She sees me and waves
So I dare to approach her
She greets me warmly

Do I have a chance?
So I manage to blurt out
“You look so happy”

So she smiles shyly
“It is all a front you know
I’m glad you are here”

We grab a coffee
And spend some time together
I really like her

I’ve been such a fool
How much time have we wasted?
Until now that is

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  1. Ah..but at least there is time still left

  2. Not just coffee brewing here, romance too methinks!

  3. Ah, time to grab the opportunity! Lovely poem, OE

  4. Cause we all have a front with which we like to protect ourselves. :)

  5. I would call grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting down talk a great way to start it off. Of course, that is if she likes coffee in the first place. If not, I would recommend pizza and a movie. Can't go wrong with pizza and a movie.