Monday, 26 January 2015

I caught Debbie's eye

I’ll say this of Jim
I so marvelled at his choice
Of girlfriends that is

We would visit bars
In the springtime of our life
He dressed well did Jim

With that knowing smile
Pick up the girl drinking gin
Brazen chick was she

Broad smile, full bosom
A laugh you dare not take home
We were envious

While his games were played
I tended to sit and chat
With my mates from work

Office girls sat close
Enjoying their small freedom
Shy glances exchanged

I caught Debbie’s eye
So settled for the opposite
Quiet, cute and wise

She warmed to my smile
I breathed in her scent and she
Let me hold her hand

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  1. Seems to be the beginnings of some encouraging relationships. It normally starts with acceptance to lead to the rest! Wonderful lines oldegg!


  2. So lovely. There are always those guys who tend to attract all the girls, but not necessarily the right ones!

  3. I too am always the type of friend that just kind of never gets the babe, but watches everyone else walk away with theirs. Sometimes I wonder if people really honestly care about a person, or if they are just looking for a quick late night booty call.

  4. I would never be attracted to a "Jim". The furtive glances and shy smiles are much more appealing.

  5. I agree with Val, I'd take the sweet, shy guy every time to the bold and boisterous, and I suspect that Jim pretty much gets what he deserves when it comes to where those kind of relationships end up. Many a man or woman was overlooked who turned out to be the best choices by far. Great take on the opposites prompt, Old egg, I enjoyed this! :-)

  6. This is a heart-warming scene. :-)

  7. Oh My! How lovely to catch her eye :)
    Apt for Valentine's Day! Many across the world will be trying to catch their special one's eye now :)

  8. As my ma always said "Handsome is as handsome does". I always liked the quiet ones but sometimes...

  9. Happy that they exchanged smiles with a catch of an eye :)