Wednesday, 30 December 2015

In a pickle again

I am in a pickle again for I just don't have the resolve to take that pretty girl down the street to the New Years Eve party in town.

She knows I look at her and sometimes smiles shyly at me but I am just not brave enough to take that first step and to walk right up to her door and ask her out.

Please don't say "Why don't you ring?", because I don't have her cell phone number otherwise I would; mind you I am just saying that, what if she said "No!?" I be so humiliated.

I'll just have to have a boring evening in with Mum and Dad watching TV and pretending New Year's Eve is fun...well it isn't!

Ma's calling from the kitchen probably has invited Uncle Ted over for drinks and wants me to pick him up later.

"What! did you say that Mrs B from down the road has rung and asked if I could take her Jill to the New Years Eve party as she can't get a bet I will!"

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  1. And fate takes a hand! Weeeee!

  2. Sometimes it just takes someone else to break the ice. Happy New Year!

  3. …yeah, the trick seems to be, to arrange to look that other way! (mgic does not appear to appreciate an audience!)

  4. ...and I was hoping you were going to take me!Now I'll have to endure a boring evening in with Keith. Happy New Year Eggy!

    Rosey Pinkerton's blog

  5. I think his New Year is starting off on the right foot! :)

  6. That's my idea of a wonderful way to wrap up the year and ring in the new, Old Egg! You remain one of the most romantic writers I know! Happy New Year, friend!

  7. Hope your New Year was as filled with possibilities as your story. Happy 2016!