Saturday, 19 December 2015

She was not for me

Yes I did love her
Born thousands of miles away
Her soft flesh burnt brown

When she saw me look
She laughed and shook her finger
Forgiving my sins

Loved it when she spoke
Expressing her consonants
Whispering her vowels

Her eyes were dark pools
Her hands had soft warm palms
Nails painted pale pink

And how were we friends?
We had studied together
Gave her a lift home

Invited me in
Offered food from the pantry
Kids stared at white man

She was not for me
Wish I'd kissed her unmarked skin
And lots more of her

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  1. Expressing her consonants, Whispering her vowels - what a sublime line..perhaps it is best to dream about some things...expectations can often be dashed...

  2. Oh Wow, O.E! You almost took in more than you could chew! I loved the way you did the 'consonants' and threw in the vowels (I threw them in too, many might have, but NOT the sensuous way that you did).
    My Kiddie Filter asked me if I really wanted to proceed at the 'palms' and balked when it came to the 'unmarked skin.'

  3. I feel a song coming on.'Regrets, I have a few, but then again......'