Saturday, 12 December 2015

Those days long gone

Impotent old fool
Having nightmares once again
Searching long gone past

Recalling those days
Writing aubades to girls
Dark eyes and lips

They would always fall
For gentle poetic words
Love the magician

Sweet calm innocence
Warm skin, panting on the cusp
Eager as I was

Sun at its zenith
Brown skin dripping from the sea
Like sweet honey jars

Then they hoped for more
Not that I would molest them
Eager as a dog

The curl of her lips
Two panting hearts beat as one
Such breathless passion

That lightened our hearts
Experiencing the glow
Of a sweet first love 

Treacherous moonlight
With its sly and cheesy grin
Would frighten them off

O those days long gone
I relive them many times
Youth where have you gone?

Aubades - morning love songs

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  1. I think you aubaded with a passion! I may have to have a strong cup of tea and a biscuit now...

    1. You should have seen the first version which I had to censor.

  2. Great use of the words. I would like to read the uncensored version.:)

  3. Good memories, O.E. YOu can still dream though. I do.
    You should have read my first version, I pulled it so now am later. But this one will pass the "Kiddy Filters>"

  4. a poem with old sweet passion and hopefulness is insightful.