Sunday, 27 December 2015

Spring's song where are you?

Spring's song where are you?
Please come back to us again
Chase the snow away

My eyes roam the skies
Search for signs in the bare trees
Crocus where's your bloom?

Let woodlands burst forth
Birdsong on every bough
Hung now with green leaves

Blow now southern wind
Stir all the cherry blossoms
Scatter the green lawns

And like you dear Sun
I'll be wearing a smile too
With you by my side

Spread your happiness
Warm me up to seventy
How I need you now

(Note 70ºF is about 21ºC)

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  1. Nice images and the song - just lovely!

  2. Ah, Springtime. My favourite time of the year.Charming.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  3. Cherry blossoms are a welcome sign of spring!

  4. We've had an odd winter so far here. Just last weekend we were up in the 80's F. And Now we are back down into the 40's F.

    Glad you like the Elfje more about that at my friends place:

    I do like telling a complete story. And thus sometimes one needs to add more verses. :) I did an Elfje series for the Gig's #38 also.