Thursday, 3 December 2015

The office gossip

"It was only a little lie, it wouldn't hurt anybody, would it?"

I looked in her eyes and could see she was panicking at what she had done.

"But the world prefers to believe a lie rather than hear the truth" I responded, "but in this case the truth only hurt you as you bad mouthed the man she was about to marry."

She glared at me, indignant that she had been caught out then burst into tears.

I continued, "The whole point about love is trust and I am sure that they talked about their past long before you enhanced it."

Pouting she turned and walked off for none of her romances lasted more than a week or two after her suitors found out they couldn't believe a word she said; I doubt she will have a job next week.

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  1. nice story... could put myself in the scene.


    oh btw we have a vidchat on Friday evenings (using google hangouts)... as implied in my comment, I've been all about trying to learn through example how to improve my writation.... totally would enjoy it if you want to join us tomorrow!

    1. Thanks for the comment and the offer but living in Australia the time zones would be completely out of synch. I tend to use 79 years of personal experience to write stories from childhood to old age. You don't have to tell the truth as lying or supposing is good as well!

  2. Lying is a habit all too easy to fall into...

  3. good story... so often the case in office situations.. that photo tells it all...

  4. If you've ever worked in a good sized-office, then you've worked with THAT girl! Nice!

  5. Bravo! You really nailed this one. I liked the easy flow of the story.

  6. Seems like this scenario is all to familiar to many of us. It's amazing how some people seem to enjoy making life miserable for others, and will stop at nothing, including lies, to do that. I like to think that karma will come into play at some point.

  7. That is a complicated and dangerous scenario. Is there every really such a thing as a little lie?

  8. You've depicted a very realistic scenario, unfortunately. Good SSS!

  9. Nicely done ... sorry for your character, she has such a really terrible handicap - since as we say in Italian, lies have short legs and eventually get found out. Bastet