Saturday, 19 December 2015

All those years ago

On Sunday mornings
My Dad would walk down the street
To drink down the Inn

It opened at noon
Mum was cooking weekend roast
When I was so young

He took us two boys
Our dog Rastus came too
He liked us the best

Dad went on inside
While we three sat on the step
We'd get lemonade

Rules were funny then
Your dog was allowed inside
But children were not

Rastus was happy
He'd sniff and bark at people
Looking for more dogs

After Dad had his pint
We would walk back home again
To smell the roast beef

Dad would carve the meat
Meanwhile we would wash our hands
To then start our meal

Rastus was there too
Quiet under the table
Waiting for our scraps

Can't help thinking now
There was no room at the Inn
All those years ago

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  1. This sounds like an Inn that was warm and had love within...i suppose no inn or place of safety is without it's unsafe bits...but still better than left out in the cold i hope

  2. Ah, those were the days! The days where pubs were sanctuaries of peace and quiet. I don't think I'd want to back though!