Saturday, 5 December 2015

The skein of geese

He looked to the skies
The last skein of geese flew off
Soon the lake would freeze

The long nights drew in
His first winter here alone
Solvi died in May

Like the peach blossom
She had fallen in the orchard
Now left by himself

The cut logs stacked up
Dutifully against the house
They knew their job well

They would keep him warm
In his lonely double bed
Until the springtime

They had no children
Though it was their dearest wish
Should he wed again?

Then he heard a call
Sigge, Sigge was the shout
A girl approached him

It was young Tilde
From the village, she had grown
With cute turned up nose

Your mother sent this
Her breath steamed out in the air
A smile on her face

He saw she was cold
Come on inside by the fire
Taking the package

You shouldn't have come
While she warmed up by the stove
Her smile entranced him

It's not untidy
She said Oops, I shouldn't have 
Sigge laughed at her

They sent you to check?
She shook her head then nodded
They care about you

He really liked her
Honest and at ease with him
She was beautiful

You can come again
If you really want to help
There's lots to do here

She nodded her head
How long since your Solvi died
Do you want to say? 

Nearly six months now        
He smiled at her eagerly
Geese have gone, you've come

The seasons have changed
You have changed and so have I
So tell your parents

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  1. What a trip in the forest this is...the world coming in...offering a small amount of hope beyond survival...i had to look up the meaning of have used the geese beautifully

  2. Great poem...a story told so well..

  3. Beauty weaved here...such enjoyable lines...

  4. I really like that they send someone to check him.. Caring both in package and in messenger... Wonderful.

  5. Love this - such a beautifully captivating piece :)

  6. Few things bring hope like a community that cares and a world that changes (and grows) with its seasons...

  7. I am glad she brought him the gift of hope and that he will begin to 'live' again!

  8. This is a delight, both in content and the way you composed it. I'm going to read it again and again.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  9. What a delightful story...I had a feeling it was going to end this way...providence perhaps!

  10. How cool, an intriguing story this Sunday morning! Loved it.

  11. That line about the peach orchard sealed the deal for me. What a great image! And I love the conversation here.

  12. Hi, this is like a story poem..hope comes in many ways..

    Geese have gone, you've come


  13. what a lovely haiku sequence; luv the story, the hope in a second chance ending. i feel that the unwritten reply to the invitation, is an acceptance i could see this sequence continued in more visits and an ensuing relationship

    have a good Sunday

    much love...

  14. Maybe the beginning of a budding romance here. I've changed and so have you, tell your parents.....I hope it is romance in this intriguing tale!

  15. You tell a story well and with such wonderful words ... the extended haiku form you have used here, is really impressive. A wonderful bit of writing.

  16. As sweetly told as any story I ever read.

  17. Beautifully expressed, the caring extending backwards and forwards and the welcome hope of youth. I am so glad the story strays into a symbolic realm and isn't a poem about a new romance--which seemed possible in the middle. I love when humanity raises itself up a notch as it does in your poem, and hate that I had immediate suspicions.