Saturday, 5 December 2015

Long and restless night

Long and restless night
Who can unravel my dreams
Dawn's already here

I begged you to stay
It was Thursday you took flight
And now you have gone

Autumn winds have blown
Leaves toss across the terrain
Along with my hopes

Who can I speak to?
Can I exist without you?
Who will I kiss now?

My cheek wet with tears
I'm on the fringe of madness
I'll touch you no more

Filed memories lost
Swept away in the current
I am all alone

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  1. The worst thing about loneliness is when you finally feel it - and it comes..fevered and heartless in the night...and yet i hope all of us have some remaining connections to the world - and most importantly people

  2. A desolate evocation of loneliness. I do hope it's not true!

  3. This is so lovely, OE. The pain of loss is haunting.

  4. Some losses stay for only a time, others seem to last forever.


  5. sad nice piece this week.