Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Was I but dreaming?

I was astonished
The wanderer had returned
He seemed much younger

And he looked like me
As I was many years ago
Lots of tales to tell

Was I but dreaming
Is that me in the mirror
What nightmare is this?

Those Christmases past
Come flooding back in my mind
First single and free

Then cosy in love
Now complete with little ones
Then the flew the nest

Slowing down at last
The ache of ills and lost love
Then alone again

Life's triumphs and joys
Is that man in the mirror
Saying his goodbye?

(Note Cosy is English spelling of US Cozy)

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  1. That alone again part is so painful. I watched it happen to a few of my elders. Living a very long life tended to leave them isolated even when they began with very gregarious natures.

  2. The journey is already set for everyone. Some will arrive earlier than others.It is painstaking at the end. Some though will enjoy it if they are better prepared!


  3. Isn't it interesting that we don't see ourselves as we really are when we look in the mirror. My image is much younger than I. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. reflections of our changing journey are often caught in the looking glass.

  5. Oh ... this is a splendid tale ... Bastet